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Look No Further than These 12 Local Footwear Brands for Your Next Summer Sandal

The conclusive list to treat your paws this sunny season.

Sandals, Egypt, Flip-flops, Summer

We might be feeling cramped up in quarantine this summer, but that doesn't mean our toes should be. We’ve compiled this list of local footwear brands to find your next pair flip-flops. While we can’t go on a vacation, at least our feet can dress the part.


A nominee for this year’s Fashion Trust Arabia footwear category, Ramla's designs are for fashion connoisseurs who love exquisitely designed footwear. Shop here.


Full of fringes, frays and embroidery, Zhivago’s designs are almost too good to walk in. Click here to shop.


Tribal prints, 2ollal, pigeon house designs - if it says summer in Egypt, they’ve got it. Find them here.

Mii Accessories

Bring the beach home with these punchy neon sandals, or opt for their clear plastic designs. Find them here.


With 62 designs to choose from, this outlet has slippers for any kind of luau, all of which can be found here.

Noon Footwear

With their new seasonal collaboration with Sana Amein having just hit the shelves, the limited edition pieces are a true ode to Egyptian heritage. 


This might be the month to get lazy, but this local brand certainly hasn’t skimped out on their wide selection of slips. Find them on their IG page or their Heliopolis branch.


Making you feel like you're stranded on a tropical island, their straw and leather sandals are the quintessential summer item. Shop through here.


Specializing in all things slipper, this homegrown brand has just the thing for the punk chic chick in you, with glitter and glitz, metal studs and solid leather. Shop here.

Double A
For a simple, high-quality pair of suede and leather sandals made 100% in Egypt, shop Double A through here.

Studio 81
Come here for a whimsical spin on your basic shebsheb. Don’t worry, the Corona sandal only refers to the chocolate. Shop through their IG page.

Made with handcrafted premium leather, DAWN’s footwear is a tasteful, earthy spin on sandals. Shop through their IG page.