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7 Local Candle Brands to Have Your Home Smell of Summer Love

Whether it's for a bubble bath, a romantic dinner or self-care Sunday, these seven local candle brands have got what you need.


It’s summertime in Cairo, which means it’s time to sit back and relax. You have your air conditioner on to keep you cool, your television on to keep you entertained, and five different lights turned on in the same hallway because why not. All of a sudden, everything goes pitch black, and you remember what summertime in Cairo actually means: constant electrical outages. Luckily for you, the humble candle is older than electricity, and over the course of the century it has turned from a utility into a luxury, coming in a wide variety of calming scents and intoxicating aromas. We’ve compiled a list of local candle brands that will help you breeze through the summer, no matter how dark it gets.


ROSHAN /// Available on and, these deluxe candles are almost too pretty to light.


CANDLE CONNECTION /// This brand makes their products in a selection of jars that suit everything from the outdoors to the bougie reception table your mom won’t let you touch. Get them on


JOLIE FLAMME /// Spearheading the mason jar trend, this brand makes custom personalized candles. Order through their DMs.


AREEJ /// The aromatherapy brand doesn’t just do oils and sprays; their aromas are present in their fragrant candles as well. It’s never too early to order a cinnamon candle for autumn on


AMCANDL /// Morning coffee, frosted winter berries, cinnamon spiced vanilla. This isn’t a shopping list for the perfect Christmas breakfast; these are the decadent fragrances that you can find at this adorable store. Order yours through


ZIA CANDLES /// You know those giant candles that people place by the pool that manage to look so divine? They most likely got them from Zia Candles. Order yours just through their DM.


MAISON MARIE /// These luxury candles come in a variation of fresh summer scents like lavender and jasmine, all of which come in a classy frosted glass jar. Order through


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