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Unwind with Maadi’s Adorable New Self Care Spot

Let's get glam.


Inspired by the Arabic word for 'care', Inaya Self Care is the new salon concept honing in on every person's need to take a little refuge and press pause on the fast pace of everyday life.

Because self-love is the most important kind of love, Inaya's a cosy, homey space in the heart of Maadi that lets customers pamper themselves with professional-quality results with the comfort of home. Forget a traditional coiffeur, this new gem is a self-care hub.

The salon features an in-house cafe, a curly hair studio, a Moroccan bath facility, and a spa  in addition to hair and nail services. We kind of wish our home had those too, honestly. 

The concept was birthed by Yasmin Hwaidak, who previously worked in hospitality. “I was inspired by not finding a space I felt comfortable in. I wanted to create a space that women actually want to spend time in, feel relaxed and are pampered,” she told us. The next time you don’t know where to spend your girls day, opt for a little self-care. It's good for your skin, and maybe also good for your soul if you care about that sort of thing.

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