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Ultimate Frisbee Tournament is Spinning Into the North Coast

Flying Disc Invasion is the ultimate frisbee platform in Egypt, and now they're boomeranging to Sidi Abdelrahman for a adrenaline-pumping tournament.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it’s just a flock of frisbees invading the North Coast sky for the most-awaited ultimate frisbee event of the year: the third edition of BUX.

What was once an abandoned sport we attempted at some family gathering back in 2005, has now evolved into an international team-based professional sport with hundreds of athletes around the country. Flying Disc Invasion is the ultimate frisbee platform in Egypt, and boomeranging through every city, village and street in Egypt to extend the range of their invasion.

As the only event of its kind, BUX is the beach frisbee summit garnering contestants from all over the MENA region to Blumar Sidi Abdelrahman for an adrenaline-filled two-day flying disc tournament. In 7v7 or 5v5 games, nine Egypt-based teams will be employing quick-witted strategy, unfaltering teamwork, and a whole lot of grit to take the trophy home. The tournament also features a number of impressive sponsors, like ValU and FriskyFrisbee, who will be providing supplies for the competing players.