Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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The Egyptian Organic Beauty Brand Taking the Country by Storm

Local brand Maward has been making waves across Egypt with its unique line of organic beauty products, featuring everything from oils to facial scrubs. We talk to founder Hossam El Maragy to uncover the secret to stellar skin...

Staff Writer

Did someone say organic beauty products? Well, Hossam El Maraghy did, and the whole country is falling head over heels for it. Maward, the beauty expert’s line of organic oils, facials, scrubs, and masks is taking Egypt by storm, and for good reason! El Maraghy has reached a natural-beauty-guru status, with features on Al Qahira Al Yawm, Sa3a Ma3 Sherif, and even Abla Fahita (because puppets too need a good skin care routine, yeah?) proving that Maward is fuelled by oils unlike anything you’ll ever get from your local 3attar.

When the 31-year-old beauty expert isn’t at his full time job, he’s researching left, right, and centre for his on-going quest to find “the highest quality organic skin-care and hair products within the most reasonable price range,” he tells us. This has led him to sourcing oils from places like Sinai and the south of Egypt, as well as beyond borders with organic oils and face washes hailing all the way from Morocco and Nigeria, amongst other locations around Africa and the Middle East. 

When asked what his favourite product was, El Maraghy’s answer was almost instantaneous: rose water. In retrospect, we definitely should have guessed it, considering how he named his whole product line after everyone’s teta’s favourite essence. Not only is the name a reminiscent term that makes your taste buds tingle, but it also serves as a tribute to the boundless benefits that Maward blesses your skin with. Don’t believe us? Hossam vouches by the miracle created by dabbing the flavoured water onto your I-slept-at-6-am eye bags. You’re welcome.

Speaking of top tips, the natural beauty specialist’s advice for all of us under-slept, over-heated summer dwellers is to do one thing: scrub, scrub, and scrub. With just a smidgen of ground sugar mixed with olive oil and Vitamin E capsules, you can say goodbye to your sweat and tear stained August complexion.

While plans of opening up shop are still underway, you can find your dose of organic goodness on Hossam El Maraghy’s various online platforms. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have 2 months of Sahel to scrub off our faces...