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Strike a Pose, Win a Segway

Sprite is giving everyone a chance to win a Segway this summer, and all you have to do is strike a duck-face pose in the middle of wekalet el bala7… Read about their competition here.

So as much as we'd like to try and deny it, we're all guilty of striking a cheesy cliché pose at one point (don't even try and exempt yourself from this). Hand on hip with one knee bent, sideways peace sign because you're just that cool and badass, tossing your hair over to a side and holding it in place in that pose that every girl's been captured in… you get the picture (pun accidental but retrospectively, totally intended). Now imagine your ever-so-cool pout pose if it was struck in the middle of soo2 el gom3a. Or like, in one of the Mobinil branches' waiting room filled with sweaty people waiting for their number to get called, and you doing a pout-and-smize.  

So Sprite, they of the most cooling refreshing drinks ever (we're fasting, our mouths are parched, there's nothing we'd like more than a fizzy Sprite right now) are now taking aim at these very poses that people strike with their latest campaign/competition. They're asking you to do the shoulder-on-chin-deep-in-thought pose, or any other cliché pose you like, in the weirdest place possible, for a shot at winning a Segway. So get your I'm-too-cool-for-school, I'm-too-sexy-for-this-shit stance on in the oddest, most out of place spot you can find and their favourite one nabs themselves a Segway. And with Sahel season resuming right after Ramadan, these nifty little devices are perfect for getting around your compound with ease…

The competition starts TODAY and will run until July 13 – so you have until then to get creative. You can send in your photos via Instagram or Twitter, both @SpriteEgypt. The video below should give you some inspiration!

You can check out their Facebook page here.

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