Monday September 25th, 2023
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Skincare Brand NEM Delivers Je ne Sais Quoi With Sustainable Products

N.E.M. is a self-care brand that posits a great case for a place in your night time routine.

Badreya Electroneya

Despite our busy lives, we can sometimes find the time to unwind and practice our nightly self-care ritual. The introspective coming of self normally manifests into silly little ambient playlists, a 12-step Korean skin care regimen and 30 minutes of meditation, simultaneously allowing us to tune out and into our bodies. Making a great case for a place in your night time routine is N.E.M., a homegrown self-care brand delivering French je ne sais quois with sustainable products - because why stress over the stuff you bought to stop stressing?

“N.E.M. was initially birthed as a lab for my beauty center Facials and lashes, it is the fruit of years of experience, study and dedication,” founder Nariman El-Shebiny tells CairoScene. “A small part of any of our products is all you need to see your skin glow, and your body indulge in a heavenly scent and silkiness.”

N.E.M.’s products are created with the highest-grade natural raw materials and the aromatic scent of natural oils, and are all packaged sustainably. The brand offers a slew of cruelty free products that range from their incredibly luscious Ylang-Ylang body butter that automatically puts the body in a state of relaxation post application, as well as their chemical-free serum selections to elevate one's mood and get you situated for a good night’s sleep.