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Nutritionist Dana Dinnawi Balances Your Hormones with Balanced Diets

Dana Dinnawi, a certified health coach, is revolutionising the way women balance their hormones.

Dinnawi – founded by Egyptian-Lebanese health coach @danadinnawi - is an innovative platform that encourages women to rely less on Hormone Replacement Therapy or medication and instead take a more holistic approach to treating hormonal symptoms such as perimenopause (menopause transition), insomnia, night sweats, as well as thyroid and insulin levels.  

Dinnawi has been a health coach since 2013 specializing in weight concerns. She made the shift to hormonal coaching in 2019 when she herself started experiencing hormonal changes that affected her wellbeing. Rather than using a strict diet regimen, she opts for a combination of lifestyle changes and nutrition tips, which she says not only manage the symptoms, but can potentially reverse them entirely. Symptoms such as night sweats, joint pain, and even auto-immune challenges can, for example, be aggravated by wheat, dairy, caffeine and red meat. Dinnawi suggests replacing them with “healing” foods such as fruits, nuts, seeds, and clean protein.

“Just because women are suffering from something as common as hormonal changes, doesn’t mean it's normal,” Dinnawi says. “They have the power to take back control of their bodies.”

You can find out more from her dedicated Facebook platform ‘Dana Dinnawi - The Hormone Coach'.