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Meow Tours & Greenish are Saving Strays from the Cold

Animal awareness initiative Meow Tours and environmental group Greenish are looking for new designs for shelter boxes that can protect stray cats and dogs from the deadly winter weather.

Meow Tours is not an animal shelter. They're more of an awareness initiative to get people to socialise with the many strays on Egypt's streets, hosting tours where you can feed cats and dogs, and visit established shelters to see if you'd like to adopt. In the growing chill of winter, they see more and more strays suffering under the cold winds and freezing rain, and they've teamed up with local environmental group Greenish to do something about it.

Greenish is looking to construct streetside shelter boxes with Meow Tours for strays to hide from the cold in, and they're asking their communities for ideas on how to best make them. They're looking for ideas that involve disposable, easily-found material in order to create shelter boxes for cats and dogs. Greenish will handle the technical know-how, judging what material is used and how they’ve been implemented, while Meow Tours will handle the logistics of what these animals need.

But the deadly weather isn't the only challenge these shelter boxes would have to stand up to. "A lot of people tried to make homes like these before, and they failed because they made them from material that people would want to steal," Meow Tours founder Mostafa Abdel Aty tells #CairoScene. "We want designs from recyclable material that would otherwise be seen as useless, while protecting stray animals from rain and bad weather. We plan on picking two or three of them and testing them out in Alexandria, before starting workshops on how to make them, and how to brainstorm more designs."

If you can come up with a constructive concept to contribute, you will need to submit them to BOTH AND before March 3rd, 2021.