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Kids Virtual Summer Camp is Here to Keep your Kids Educated and Entertained this Summer

Kids Virtual Summer Camp is offering an incredible range of courses for kids this summer: ranging from traditional subjects like maths, English, to graphic design, cooking and even coding!

Kids Virtual Summer Camp Egypt

Parents, we feel you. We’ve all lost track of how long we’ve been staying indoors and now that the summer has rolled around once again, the big question in most parents’ minds remains: “What do I do with these darn kids?” With school out soon, you need some way to keep them productive, educated and - yeah, ok - distracted. Enter the Kids Virtual Summer (KVS) Camp, the newest camp in Cairo that's entirely online.

Designed for children between the ages of 5-13 (depending on the course ), the courses cover a wide range of topics: from traditional courses like Maths, English, History and Social Studies to more hand-on courses like coding, entrepreneurship,  fashion design, music, art, cooking, dance and agricultural skills. The platform even offers a roster of courses centred around life skills such as positive psychology and positive speaking. The courses were designed with kids’ interests in mind, with the ultimate goal of keeping them engaged and entertained all summer – and giving them a chance to discover a new passion. Every week, the programme will focus on a certain  theme – to be implemented through their range of subjects.

The courses are taught by young, bright and passionate teachers across Cairo, carefully curated by educational consultant and founder of KVS Camp, Randa Shoeb.

“When finding teachers, I chose people I trusted, and they’re all young, passion and driven,” Shoeb told CairoScene, “The whole experience is about engaging students in learning, and more importantly give them the chance to enjoy learning.”

“I think it’s important that kids spend the summer doing something productive and cultivating their interests, or even discovering new ones.”

KVS Camp will offer an optional community service course once a week, the proceeds of which will go towards the ‘Kolena Ma3a Ba3d’ campaign to fund schools in Fayoum. The camp has opened the registration process, and the courses will run for a total of 6 weeks – with one week off for Eid – starting July 13th . Head to their website to register or view the course catalogue and schedule.


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