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Industrial Development Group Launches Egypt’s First Eco-sustainable Industrial Park

The exciting new eco-conscious project will add to the modernity of the coastal New Alamein City. Basically it’s laying the groundwork for all of us to turn Sahel into a place we can just, you know, move to.

e2 Alamein

We love to see us some real estate development giants lead Egypt’s sustainable efforts. Now granted they may not be filling in the gaping hole in the ozone, but anything that isn’t ravaging the environment and pushing us off the steep precipice of global warming’s impending doom is always good.

The Industrial Development Group (IDG), one of Egypt’s leading industrial developers with a forte in developing and operating world-class industrial parks, is adding an impressive new venture into their portfolio; Egypt’s first eco-sustainable industrial park. The exciting new project will be located in New Alamein City, the country’s Mediterranean haven of the future.

The industrial park, titled ‘e2 Alamein’, will be a sprawling space stretching out for 2.7 square km, and will be equipped with all the essential services that’ll quickly turn the area into its very own sustainable town. There’s 24/7 emergency services, shuttle bus transportation, food courts, banks, a wastewater management system, conference spaces and so much more.

Industrial tenants will enjoy all the tantalizingly sustainable nooks and crannies of this modern space, along with even more titillating benefits, or at least as far as trade benefits can be titillating. The set of benefits include multiple free-trade agreements that allows access to over 2.5 billion consumers across the footprint. And of course being so close to the coast allows for being a stone’s throw away from key industrial ports, airports and routes that makes local and international trade a breeze.

“We are extremely proud to be launching Egypt’s very first eco-conscious park today,” said IDG Managing Director Shady William. “e2 Alamein not only furnishes clients with the tools necessary to focus on growing their business, but we allow them to do it in a sustainable manner, making for a more sustainable operating environment, efficient use of resources, and maximum shared value created for stakeholders."