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Homegrown Brand 2oolameme Launches Action-Packed Game 'E3'leb El Otta'

Architect and Co-Founder of 2oolameme, Sarah Aboulkhair, announces launch of new game ‘E3’leb El Otta’ with over 150 challenges to keep your large Sahel night summer gatherings entertaining.

Architect, social media queen, general unicorn-in-human-form, and co-founder of 2oolameme, Sarah Aboulkhair, has been hinting at the release of a new product for the past month. She’s even gone so far as to pull an Essaad Younes and give us a hint as to who she has working on the new 2oolameme game’s campaign (to which the guesses have been gloriously sarcastic, to say the least). Well all that build-up is now coming to a head because between her and co-founders Abdelrahman Selim (Operations and Logistics) and Yasmin Ammar (Game Creation), 2oolameme has just launched their newest game, ‘E3’leb El Otta’!

After causing a riot with its debut in Time Square last May, Egyptian game company 2oolameme is hellbent on levelling up, no matter the cost. Their latest release is an action-backed banger; with 10 cups, 6 balls, 6 clothespins, 4 dice, and 2 tape measures, you’re left with 150 different challenges to keep your neverending influx of friends during Sahel nights entertained.

We all know that 2oolameme’s schtick is that they create fascinatingly ridiculous (or ridiculously fascinating, really, it’s a matter of perspective) games that are meant to be enjoyed by individuals and groups of all ages. Challenges in this spectacular deck include; ‘3akabawy’, which tests your balancing skills, ‘Squash el Ghalaba’, which is squash played using a cup as your racket and the wall, and our beloved childhood game ‘El Mandeel’, just reimagined, to name a few. ‘E3’leb el Otta’ lets you play 1v1 in duel mode or in teams, allowing you to adjust the level of heat you want to bring upon yourself. 

The game is set to be released in major retail stores in the second week of July, but it’s available for pre-order today for anyone who needs to spread some chaos amongst their family and friends as soon as possible.