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Happy Blends is the Local Company Bringing Clinical Aromatherapy to Egypt

The company defines itself as more of a clinical project than a beauty product.

happy blends egypt

Sounds like a skin care product or a coffee place, doesn't it? But as a matter of fact, Happy Blends is all about aromatherapy, prioritizing personalization and chemistry at the forefront of their services. What started out as a means of self-help for the two founders quickly took on a life of its own and now operates as a fully-fledged aromatherapy business.

The company was cofounded by Sarah Abdel Moneim and Farida El Kalagi, the latter of whom now operates the company full-time after having left behind a decade-long career in the developmental field in order to pursue her passion.

“Simply put, aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for clinical purposes," El Kalagi told CairoScene. "They contain therapeutic and chemical components that are combined to help one’s wellness and health.”

The company collects information from customers through a detailed form in order to curate a personalized blend. Even if two people are suffering from the same symptoms, they would still receive two different recipes based on their individual physiological makeup. “I don’t see it as a business but as a means of raising awareness on complementary medicine and helping ourselves and the people around us,” El Kalagi added.

As of now, Happy Blend’s two bestsellers are designed to help with anxiety and insomnia, but they also offer blends meant to aid with physical problems like muscle aches and bowel-related issues, all of which can be applied topically or through smell. “The important thing to remember is that it is just like exercising or dieting," El Kalagi said. "Aromatherapy won’t aid what you’re suffering from alone, it’s one factor in an entire holistic approach.”


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