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Go Puppy’s Grooming Van is Coming to Sahel This Summer

Our favourite grooming service, Go Puppy, is driving its van to Sahel this summer to give your pets the TLC they deserve.

go puppy

So you’re one of those people who let their dogs run free when you’re staying at Sahel, which is fair enough. But do you have anyone else but yourself to blame when your cute little pupper returns with sand and mud and pieces of cake tangled in its fur? At that point, the question isn’t “How did this happen?” (although the cake does make it a compelling option - like, you don’t know where that came from, it could be anyone’s cake), the question is, “How do I get this puppy cleaned up in a way that doesn’t feel like I’m working during my vacation?”

Egypt’s OG grooming van Go Puppy is touching down in Sahel this summer to give your pets the type of TLC that they deserve (for being the best creatures to have ever existed on the face of the planet), while you give yourself the TLC that you need (compared to puppies, well, you’re only human, after all).

The van will operate between the compounds of Marina all the way to La Vista. The service provides showering, ear-cleaning, hair cuts, nail trimming, eye cleaning and more – and is available until the end of the summer. To book your pets for a pro-purr pampering sesh, call +2 010 9063 6004. 

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