Monday April 22nd, 2024
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Go Gravity Offers an Adrenaline-Pumping Day of Activities

From vehicular adventure into the wilderness, to gravity-fueled tube sliding, check out Go Gravity’s action-packed options.

Patrick Davies

Go Gravity Offers an Adrenaline-Pumping Day of Activities

Get back down to earth? Not today! Out in the rugged mountain landscapes of Hatta, not far from the UAE’s border with Oman, adventure destination Go Gravity offers a wide range of adrenaline-pumping activities for friends and family alike. Whether you want a two- or four-wheeled adventure into the wilderness, or a gravity-fueled tube trip down one of the intense downhill routes, the Emirati company has all sorts of heart rate-raising recreation to dig into.

Here’s our breakdown of each of the activities available. Let us know which one you are most excited to try!

Mountain Slide Water Zorbing

Go Gravity is doing something with zorbing that we’ve never seen before. Forget strapping yourself to the inside of the huge plastic ball with scratchy velcro. Jump into the clear plastic sphere, either solo or with a mate, and wait as the staff pumps so much water in there you’ll be sliding around the inside of the ball once you've been pushed down Go Gravity’s bumpy banked course.


These zippy little two-wheelers are ideal for families with younger kids, looking to get out and explore the trails around the area without exerting themselves too much. With dual 750 Watt motors, they pack enough punch to get you up the gravel inclines and up to some of the most beautiful panorama spots. Go Gravity gives you the option to rent by the hour, or you can take off for the whole day, starting at 9 AM and coming back just after sunset.

Gel Ball

A fresh take on paintball, with much more accuracy and even higher fire rate, gel ball is all about adrenaline-packed combat simulation, with a variety of game modes and guns available. Dash from cover to cover, behind an old car or a pile of oil barrels, and try to land your shots on your chosen enemy.

Football Zorb

Ever have that urge while playing football to just clatter into your target to win possession instead of making a technical tackle? Us too. Football Zorb to the rescue; get yourselves out on the field with a mini zorb surrounding you from waist to head, and commit to all of those body-to-body contact challenges you’ve already dreamed of. Just be prepared for your opponents to do the same, sending you flying and bouncing down the pitch.


These new gizmos are the ideal combination between a quad bike and an electric scooter. Whilst the E-Scooters can take you zipping along marked paths, you’ll need a Rover if you want to tackle some of the more tough terrain that Hatta is known for. Scramble over rocks, wade through the occasional puddle, and zoom through the dusty desert riding something that looks straight out of a sci-fi film.

Tube Sliding

Hop onto a rubber rung and hold onto those handles as you hurtle down one of Go Gravity’s carpeted slopes, wind flying through your hair, mountains looming towards you as you pick up more and more speed. You’ll be shouting “Again! Again!” before you even come to a resounding halt at the bottom of the hill.