Monday September 25th, 2023
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Fufa: The Essence of Summer

Fufa just launched this summer with gorgeous boho-chic pieces that incorporate wonderful elements of nostalgia, while staying perfectly on-trend.

Staff Writer

When we use the word bohemian and talk about how much we love it, we're always referring strictly to the aesthetic and never to the lifestyle. In that vein, the recently launched boho brand Fufa has us wanting to channel our inner bohemian babe while simultaneously not being bohemian at all. The brand, launched by Farah El-Ashiry just this summer (the name stems from her too-adorbs nickname) is the epitome of carefree hippie, with casual-cool kimono-style cardigans, playsuits that we're currently coveting like no other, and an overload of cute floral prints.

The fresh grad behind the brand was actually initially inspired by her grandma. "My grandma showed me all these fabrics she'd collected when she was little, and all of them were full of prints and patterns and colour," El-Ashiry tells us, "And I thought they were very vibrant and perfect for summer."

From that point, the young designer launched a whole variety of adorable, printed pieces. "The cuts are very simple, but the prints are what make them stand out." The brand's aesthetic has a touch of grandma-cool vintage vibes, reinterpreted with a distinctly modern, trendy feel.

The pieces resonate with current fashion trends, while also grabbing some inspiration from the past in terms of the cute prints. If hippie spirit had a face, this would be it, and they capture the essence of summer perfectly.

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @fufa_eg.