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Free Lessons for Adopted Baladi Dogs at Alfa Dog Training

To support this new world where Egyptians adopt local baladi dogs, Alfa Dog Training is offering their services for free to adopted baladi pups.

For quite some time now, #adoptdontshop has been the rallying cry for proponents of Egypt’s main breed, the baladi dog. Commonly misunderstood and maligned as nothing more than street pests, the noble baladi is steadily becoming a more accepted part of the Egyptian household. Riding the waves of this new paradigm is Alfa Dog Training, a dog training service that offers free lessons for newly adopted baladi pups.

Training puppies can take up to a year of dedicated instruction, a year that some new dog owners may not be confident in spending. Alfa’s training approach utilizes a personality-based training methodology that curates different programmes for each dog.

If you have a baladi dog at home in need of some schooling, you can call Alfa Dog Training at 01113668815.