Sunday December 10th, 2023
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Explore Egypt's Natural Landscapes With Eco Egypt's Green Travel Kit

Cease the haphazard packing, ditch the environmentally damaging plastic bags and dive into Eco Egypt’s green travel kit.

Farida El Shafie

Trekking sequestered trails around Egypt is a feat for the brave. Not only does it require impervious google maps knowledge, an unyielding affinity for outdoors, but it also demands light packing (preferably within the confines of a backpack). And if you’re going to a nature reserve or protectorate, you’ll want to make sure you leave it as beautiful as it was when you arrived.

Here to remedy oncoming packing disasters and make domestic travel as sustainable as possible is Eco Egypt. An initiative dedicated to highlighting the beauty of Egypt’s ecosystems, capturing momentous experiences and protecting heritage sites, Eco Egypt serves to enable slow-tourism to flourish in a world lacking in its lustre. As part of their ongoing ‘Green List’ campaign to ensure travels are as kind to the planet as they are on people’s hearts, the company consolidated a travel kit full of eco-friendly alternatives for daily necessities.

As much as sustainability demands institutional involvement, minuscule changes to personal actions make a world of a difference (besides just absolving individuals of unconsolable guilt). In partnership with local brands and like-minded initiatives, the linen tote bag holds non-toxic household cleaning products by Well World, environmental solutions to disposable food packaging by Drumstick Designs, natural body care by Healing Herbs Boutique, biodegradable alternatives to cling film and plastic wraps by Bee’E Wraps, as well as substitutes for single-use plastic bags courtesy of WeCare ECO, Banlastic Egypt, and Up-Fuse.