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Egypt Launches Biking Campaign to Encourage Fitness and Eco-Friendliness

The Ministry of Youth and Sports has just launched an initiative to promote using bikes as a mode of transportation to encourage overall fitness and being eco-friendly.


Wouldn't it be nice to cycle down the park, wind blowing in your hair with a French baguette in the cute little basket at the front of your bike? While many of us may never get the chance to experience this fantasy IRL (can you really trust yourself to keep that French bread from flying off your basket half as well as some Cairenes balance baladi bread on the back of their bikes?), we might be able to experience something like it soon. The Ministry of Youth and Sports has launched a biking initiative called 'دراجتك.. صحتك’ - or ‘Your Bike, Your Health’ - which looks to achieve two main goals: promoting a more active lifestyle and encouraging people to use a more eco-friendly method of transportation.

As part of this initiative, the ministry will provide 1,000 bikes at a subsidized price for Egyptians. If anyone is interested in being kinder to the environment and making biking part of a healthier lifestyle, stay tuned to, where the ministry will soon be launching an application form for the subsidized bike.