Monday July 15th, 2024
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Dubai Chocolatier FIX Dessert Drops Delicious, Drippy Chocolate Bars

Stuffed chocolate bars are nothing new, you might think - until you see what these have been stuffed with.

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Dubai Chocolatier FIX Dessert Drops Delicious, Drippy Chocolate Bars

Chocolate does a lot. It can be drizzled, dusted, shaved, sculpted, baked into cakes or just eaten plain. With all of this incredible dessert’s iterations, it’s rare to find something that feels totally new –  but that’s what Dubai-based chocolatier, Fix Dessert, has created with their stuffed Hero Bars.

A stuffed chocolate bar? We’ve all seen that before, surely? But wait til you’ve seen what they’ve managed to fit in these Hero Bars.

The first thing that sets FIX Dessert’s Hero Bars apart is their size. The amount of filling in these bars is insane. Take, for example, the viral Donut Be Latte bar, which encases two entire donuts sitting side by side in a milk chocolate coating - alongside a thick layer of vanilla custard and Spanish Latte cream. Talk about thick (with a proper ‘ck’ at the end, thank you). Another popular bar, Can’t Get Khanafeh Of It, will have you biting through layers of crispy khanafeh, pistachio pieces and tahini paste, all wrapped within a milk chocolate bar.

In addition to names that are as creative as their contents (such as ‘Butter To Be Safe Than Salty’, ‘You Karak Me Up’ and ‘Baklawa II the Future’), the bars themselves are works of art. Get past the wrapper, and you’ll find a gorgeous slab of chocolate covered in colourful, chocolatey designs – a different look for every flavour. Perhaps becoming a chocoholic can be seen as a distinguished voice, hmm?

If you want to try one of these bars yourself, you have a long list of flavours to choose from. In addition to the bars mentioned above, you can sample the chocolatier’s Cereously Chewy bar or Mind Your Own Biscoff. New flavours and limited-edition flavours sometimes get added to the roster, but be careful - these chocolate bars go viral fast, and get sold out just as quickly.