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Balcona is the Company Transforming Your Balcony into Pinterest Goals

Your Pinterest dreams aren’t so far away after all.

balcona egypt

The balcony is an often neglected space, useful only for summer nights playing cards and sipping tea, but altogether treated as an afterthought in decor. Rejecting this sentiment entirely is Balcona Egypt, the balcony-sprucing company who - as a result of the ongoing quarantine - realized balconies may be the closest thing some people get to the great outdoors anytime soon. It’s only right we give it a little TLC.

“When you decorate your balcony, it aesthetically enhances the whole area," Wael Atef, one of the founders, told CairoScene. "If everyone did this, Egypt’s buildings would be beautiful, and whole neighbourhoods would be transformed.”

Founded by Nada Al Maghrabi, Wael Atef, and Marwan El Hawary, these colleagues took the ongoing pandemic as a chance to promote at-home cuteness. After all, if you can’t leave the house, then maybe you should make it so that you don’t even want to. Balcona Egypt started just two weeks ago, but since then they have been bringing balcony cheer to all who call on their services.

Offering three main theme packages - Arabian, Land of Cheer and Chill-cona = the company will come into your home to take some measurements, before letting you choose a theme for them to install. Painting, electric wiring, furniture setup, and everything else involved is handled by them. “It’s a difficult time to get out, so people are in need of something that feels like an outing that's still safe," Atef added. " A nice balcony can do that.” If you’ve got an itch to beautify your balcony, Balcona Egypt will transform it into Pinterest goals. 

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