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9 Homegrown Brands for Self-Care in Self-Isolation

These beautiful local body care brands will love you when no one else is allowed to get close to you...


We’ve put together a list of luxurious, homegrown bodycare products and where you can order them on Instagram so you can spend more of your inside-time chilling in the tub and coming out with a radiant glow, all Birth of Venus-style.

SHIMMERY COFFEE MOCHA SCRUB & MASK BY URBAN DUCKS // Settle down with a cup of hot mocha and use it as a face mask. Either way, this shimmery potion will have you glowing like a Greek goddess. Order it from @urbanduckscosmetics.

ROSE BODY BUTTER BY HAVEN // Trapped indoors, it’s not the easiest thing to get your dose of flora and fauna. With this body butter, your skin will be a flower garden of its very own. Plant the first seed when you order from @haven_bodycare.

IL N’YA PAS LE FEU DEEP CONDITIONING HAIR MASK BY BRAES // Shea butter and Argan oil are some of the most moisturizing and nutritious ingredients around. Get them from

STRONG N’ LONG NAIL OIL BY JOVIALITY // Fighting your fears, anxiety and homebound misery requires nails as strong as claws. It doesn't actually. But nice nails will always make you feel better. Fortify your not-going-anywhere-naked nails with the ingredients they’re craving. Order from @joviality.egypt.

LAVENDER BATH SALTS BY GIZMO // Bath salts (or epsom salts) are known for their detoxing properties. Lavender is known for its calming effects. WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED RIGHT NOW? Get salty from

LOOFAH SET BY FANCY PINE // Loofahs, or as we like to call them, nature’s scrub are the easiest way to exfoliate your body and get rid of dead skin cells. List of things we’re leaving in 2020: viruses, stress and dead skin. Order from @source_beauty.

GLOWSTURISE LOTION BAR BY OSVALDO // Like lotion, but for the lazy. Give your skin all the tender love and care it needs to become its best supple self, with just a few strokes back and forth from this moisturizing lotion bar. Buy it from @osvaldos_natural_beauty.

AUTUMN SPICE CANDLE BY ROSHAN CANDLES // It may almost be Spring, but we’re still obsessed with the warm autumn scents of pumpkin spice. Check out all their scents at @roshancandles.

PINK MY RIDE BATH BOMB BY BUBBLZZ // Infused with almond oil or shea butter, these adorable bath bombs are not only good for your skin, but also look kind of yummy. Get your fizzy fix from @bubblzzeg.

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