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8 Local Towel Brands that are Perfect for Everything from the Bathroom to the Beach

For all your beach and home needs, there’s a local answer.


What do you look for in a towel? Most people want something that's brown or grey (or sometimes blue, if they're feeling fancy) to hang at the side of the room. And honestly, that's fine, that's what towels are for - you grab them off a supermarket shelf and you dry your hands with them and that's it, nice, easy, simple, done. But sometimes you need that something extra to fit in with the bathroom decor, or to match your swimsuit at the beach. We went looking for the best local towel brands expecting to find some cute little floral patterns here and there, and ended up getting lost in a whole new world of patterns and textures that we've just got to share with you.


Malaika Linens



Ethically handcrafted, this home brand tastefully merges Pharaonic, Nubian, Byzantine and Mamluk heritages to create some truly high-brow towels. Shop at


Fouta Factory



Fouta Factory makes custom bath towels, from holiday themes to tribal prints. To order, message the number in their bio.


The Blue Door



This brand's designs embody the ideal beach house with seashells, little fishies and floral patterns. Shop at their flagship store in Downtown Katameya Mall.





These beach towels are almost too fancy for a trip to the beach. DM their page for orders.





These 100% cotton towels are available for your home and or the beach in an endless variety of patterns. Shop at





With B2B and B2C products, this is the place to go if you’re looking for some branded products for your business. You can also check out their adorbs collection of towels with tasteful oriental motifs. Shop at

Fouta Egypt

Just as it says on the tin, Fouta creates beach towels that you can customise however you like. Send them your design, and they’ll ship it directly to your door.


Nillens Linens



Nillens creates divinely airy towels and linens. Shop at


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