Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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12 Egyptian Instagram Accounts That Will Give You Wanderlust

Some Egyptians consider traveling as an unnecessary luxury, others consider it as an impossible dream... but only a few have it as a lifestyle.

Staff Writer

Ahmed Haggagovic: With more than 115 stamps in his passport, Haggagovic's account will have you standing in line at the nearest embassy for a visa.

Michael Adly: Currently enviably pacing through 22 countries, take a look at the world through his eyes.

Zedawy:  If the travel bug were an actual disease, you'd probably catch it from this guy.

Backpacking Egypt: So much of our own country remains undiscovered to us. This account attempts to unearth those experiences.

Omar Samra: As if you need a reason.

Sherif Fayed: Not only is he hilarious (and pretty hot) but the Instagram king posts some serious #travelporn.


Italia! Who would you explore Italy with? 🇮🇹 #Italy #Rome #Pisa #GoPro #Travel

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The Adly: Sharing his life motto “Travel until you find yourself” through his pictures.


Take me back. #CocosinMaldives #Maldives #Travel

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Wild Guanabana: If Tarzan had Instagram...


We'd rather be there! Where would you rather be? #sundaybraininvigoration #livewild

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 Triptanza: They'll take you anywhere, even space...


It is Friday Relax to the max and enjoy the great nature #Travel #triptanza #like #relax #Maldives #fun #beach

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Tropic Travel: Not only will they inspire, they'll book every part of the trip for you.

Destination31: Not for the feint of heart.

Gazef: Always going off the beaten path, in every corner of the earth.