Monday July 15th, 2024
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Mountain View Unveils New Retreat on the North Coast with Two Plages

Located on Sidi Abdel Rahman’s stunning bay, ‘Plage’ offers an amalgamation of coastal escapism on its plages.

Karim Abdullatif

Mountain View Unveils New Retreat on the North Coast with Two Plages

When city life gets overwhelming, especially during the summer heat, nothing beats the allure of Egypt’s North Coast. Just a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Cairo, Sidi Abdel Rahman offers one such an escape. This stunning destination has always been a favourite for its pristine beaches and peaceful vibe - and Mountain View’s latest project, Plage, looks to add to Sidi Abdel Rahman’s appeal. Here, Mountain View has created a space where you can truly relax, connect with nature and enjoy unique experiences, whether you love the calm of the sea or the vibrancy of summer nights on the coast.

The Wave Plage was created to be a coastal sanctuary. Access to the Wave Club means you get to enjoy these moments in a private, serene setting. The architecture here is a delightful mix of traditional Greek and modern styles, creating a space that feels both classic and fresh.

For those who thrive on energy and social interaction, The Greek Plage is designed to be vibrant and engaging, with boutique hotels and a commercial area that offers a unique shopping experience. You’ll have access to the Blue Club, where you can relax by the beach or mingle with friends. The design captures the essence of Greek coastal towns, creating a picturesque and lively atmosphere.

At the heart of Plage is the Lighthouse, the main operator ensuring every experience is perfect. It’s not just about providing services; it’s about creating moments of joy and relaxation, which goes hand in hand with Mountain View’s belief in creating spaces where people feel connected and valued by their environment.

Plage is the latest chapter in Mountain View’s vision for the North Coast, following the success of their projects in Ras El Hekma and LVLS.