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What Your Fave Homegrown Swimwear Brand Says About You

With the boom of local swimwear brands in Egypt there's something for everyone, but what EXACTLY does that particular something in your travel bag say about you?

Not to put you on the spot but in all honesty, if we don’t take it upon ourselves to shed some light on your sacred beach fashion choices, then would we really be doing our due diligence as menaces to society?  


She’s serving Chemtrails over the Country Club, she’s not here to appease the masses, because old Hollywood glam was not made for mass consumption. She’s the black coffee, chain-smoking hot girl you spot perusing the communist shelves of her uni library. 


You ARE maximalism, and let’s face it, you’re that girl who shook in her cowboy boots when someone asked if it was okay to pair black and brown, and we get it, not everyone can pull off print-on-print and not everyone can rock a burkini saturated in every color on the spectrum. 


You are Dahab personified, your wardrobe is lined with elephant printed genie pants, and your Adidas superstars sneeks - whilst they have seen better days - still punctuate every outfit. We can’t quite put our finger on it but we just know that you’re not much of a lipstick girl, in fact, the one lip product you own is probably a tinted Babylips you bought out of sheer corporate influence in the late naughties.  


You ARE ‘My Chemical Romance’, or, to be more culturally specific, you’ve solely been streaming Wegz’ ‘Bakht’ ever since its release. Basically, you’re a little in your feels, but you’re a baddie at heart who never outgrew your middle school emo phase, probably a Scorpio, and that’s okay bestie, keep serving that summertime sadness. 


You’re just here to hot girl summer, period. Don’t get it twisted though, you’re not doing this for male attention, non, au contraire, you are - first and foremost - a sweaty gal who needs adequate ventilation, and more importantly, your brunette barbie figure was made for cutouts and so it would only be a hate crime to keep it hidden.   


Okay, not to serve a hot dose of Dior Sauvage but babe you’re a little indecisive. You don't know if you wanna brunch with the besties or if you wanna sunbathe till your face is a golden shade of tortilla chip. You needed something for both occasions. Poolside picnic with college bestie? Ice cream date followed by a strut around the pier? Why settle when you can have both? 


You’re either a corporate dad who was in a silly goofy mood when they chose their seasonal swimwear piece, or you’re a literal child. Either way, you know your stuff; Kai is fun and flamboyant, not to mention, that they perfectly capture your beachside-dad-joke moods. 


One word. Edgy. Something deep in the crevices of our soul is telling us that you were that kid with 70 different mood boards on Tumblr circa 2014 and that’s kinda all we need to know here.