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Vatrina is the New Platform Looking to Breathe New Life into Your Clothes and Reduce Fashion Waste

The soon-to-launch platform allows you to get your clothes, redesigned, resold or donated, to reduce fashion waste.

sustainable fashion egypt

When it comes to upgrading our wardrobe, there's nothing we love more than a shopping spree. It's almost like we've been conditioned into this consumerist mindset. Buy buy buy is often the name of the game, and the stalking through the store's selections can be just as addictive as the act of acquisition itself. But have you ever considered getting all environmental and sustainable by repurposing your clothes instead?

Student-led platform Vatrina is on a mission to get people to reconsider their impact on the environment when they purchase clothes. It’s no secret that the fashion industry is immensely harmful to the planet through pollution and waste, and Vatrina are combating that through their soon-to-launch platform and app. Their new platform will give users the opportunity to have their clothes redesigned and repurposed, such as by changing a dress into a jumpsuit, by up-and-coming designers. Vatrina will also give users the option to donate their clothes through their partnership with Resala, and to resell their clothes on the app.

“We want to create a sustainable environment instead of wasting clothes,” Vatrina co-founder and Mass Communications senior  Injy Ayman told CairoScene. “People really don’t realise how they contribute to fashion waste, especially when it comes to fast fashion.”

The platform – currently a graduation project – aims to give budding designers some exposure, and will allow users to view the designers’ portfolios to see where their style takes them. The platform will also offer discounts for those who donate their clothes, and hopes to really get people eco-woke while breathing new life into their existing wardrobe.

No set date has been set for the official launch of the app but until then, you can stay tuned for any future updates on their Instagram.


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