Friday December 1st, 2023
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9 Tailors in Egypt Every Man Should Know About

Because every successful man needs to own at least one suit, these are some of Egypt's most expert tailors giving you the suit of your dreams.

Staff Writer

A wise man once said that “a well-tied tie is the first serious step in life” and we couldn’t agree more. That man was Oscar Wilde, which is how we know that's a good quote to live by. However, men’s fashion in Egypt has just recently started taking off as an increasing number of young Cairene men trade in the rugged look for a more polished appearance. Suits are no longer confined to weddings. And when they are, the traditional black suit doesn’t always cut it anymore; as we see a rise in fun and playful pieces. We’ve rounded up a list of men’s tailors all around Egypt from the most famous ones to the more hidden ones, both of which have dressed some of Egypt's elites. These tailors are here to help you look your snazziest whether you’re going to your best friend’s wedding or on a hot tinder date.

 Concrete Egypt

Photo from Concrete

Concrete - which has been around since 1989 - recently launched their latest feature Su Misura which allows you to customize your suit exactly the way you want it. With some of Egypt's biggest celebrities - the likes of Asser Yasseen and Ahmed Hatem - sporting the brand, Concrete caters to the country's most dashing. Think 007 or law series' Harvey Specter, as they save the world one case at a time. Moral of the story: All successful men wear suits. Concrete goes the whole nine years, even sending an expert to your home so the only effort you'll be exerting is when picking the design you want. They've got a catalogue with a range of fabrics to pick from. While they customize suits, the model of the pieces doesn't deviate completely from the essence of the brand. 

Price range: Starts at EGP 5 500 
Duration: 21 Days

Check them out on Instagram and Facebook.

Samir El Sakka

This is a tailor who does it old school. Having been trained in Rome, Samir El Sakka has been in the tailoring trade since the 60s. You have the option of either picking from his selection of fabrics which offer Egyptian-made material as well as imported English samples. And there's always the option of bringing hag Samir your own fabric which he'll gladly turn into a suit of your liking. He's quite sassy though and we've heard that you'd have to convince him as to why he should bestow upon you the honor of tailoring a suit to your fitting. But he's totally worth it. 

Price range: EGP 3500 - 4000
Duration: 1 month and a half
31 Abd El-Khalik Tharwat

Call him on 02 23926196

Orange Square

Photo from Cairo Zoom

Keep your suit game on point with Orange Square who've dressed some of Egypt's sexiest men; the likes of Zafer Abdeen and Eyad Nasser. Distinguished and debonair, Orange Square takes elegance seriously and offers a range of fabrics, patterns, shades and cuts. Their in-house tailor is in all four branches Monday through Saturday, from 12 PM to 10 PM. 

P.s: Studies have found that a man wearing a suit is taken more seriously and asserts authority. And our personal studies have found that it's overall sexier. 

Price range: EGP 4 500 -  12,850 
Kids get 60 - 70 percent off (depending on age)
Teenagers get 20 - 40 percent off (depending on age)
Duration: 10 - 15 days

Check them out on Instagram and Facebook.

Hussain Eid

Part of the old school clan of tailors, Hussain Eid offers bespoke suits (which is the fancy way of saying custom-made). And we've heard through the grape vine that he tailors to both businessmen and diplomats. 

Price range: varies depending on the suit
Duration: 2 - 3 weeks
Hegaz, Mohandessen

Call him on 02 33920211

Ahmed Hamdy Designs

Photo from Ahmed Hamdy Designs

Ever rocked a velvet suit? No? Neither have we. But we've checked out some of the suits over at Ahmed Hamdy designs and he's not afraid to add a dose of velvet to his pieces. Clearly not confining himself to the plain Jane version of the suit, the exclusive tailor offers everything from ties to pocket squares and even patent leather shoes, to go with your suit. The atelier doesn't spare its patrons anything, having imported the fabrics from London, Italy and Turkey. Ahmed Hamdy Designs is all about the suit to fit your persona. Perhaps you’d like one of those playful morning suits because who says you can’t rock a suit to brunch?

Price range: starts from EGP 12 000
Duration: 25 working days
5th settlement, in front of  Attameya Heights.

Check them out on Instagram.


When someone says Luigi, we always picture an Italian man holding a pizza. Well this Luigi is indeed Italian but he's traded in the pizza for a sewing machine. Luigi is the Tagamoa tailor bringing Cairo's streets a little taste of Italy with his suits. He has a selection of imported fabrics for you to choose from and will tailor your suit from scratch. You need to go to him though. He speaks French, Italian and Egyptian, so maybe you could pick up a few words in French or Italian - while you get fitted - to woo your date with. 

Range of prices: Depends on the suit being made.
Duration: 3 weeks

Call him on 012 22366242

Suit Me

Photo from Suit Me

Suit Me is setting the record straight and showing us that first impressions do indeed count...for a lot. Customizing everything from the ground up, they’re an online store that’ll come to your doorstep and do all the fittings right there in your living room. The online store has got a colorful range of shades to fit all seasons. 

Price range: EGP 2250 - 3000
Time: 15 days

Check them out on Instagram and Facebook. 


It goes without saying that suits are sexy as are the men in them, if only by association. However, even having to custom-make a suit is expensive. So for those days when you want to look dapper in a suit without burning a hole through your pocket, Mohammed's your man. Mohammed saves you the trouble and comes to you wherever you are, be it at home or at the office. Among the material he offers is imported Indian fabrics and English Cashmere.

Price range: EGP 1000 - 4000
Duration: 1 week to 10 days

Call him on 010 91419202


Photo from Baltagà

For those of you with an inner celebrity, Baltagà is the high end tailor that caters to Egypt's creme de la creme. Having imported fabrics from Switzerland, Germany and Italy, the brand has both made to measure and bespoke suits. Basically, to wear Baltagà is to dress for success. We’ve gotten a price range from those who’ve tested and tried and they start at EGP 25 000. 

Price range: Starting from EGP 25 000

Duration: 1 Month

Check them out on Facebook and on their website.