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Swimwear Label 'Kika Swim' is Serving Main Character Vibes

Kika Swim channels Instagram baddie vibes with beachside party girl energy.

Daring cutouts, French-cuts, and cheeky bottoms - consider this to be the incantation to summon the season’s sexiest swimwear. Inspired by Montreal’s party scene, 21 year old founder Malak Hady, along with creative director Jude ElKhalili, have basically channelled Instagram baddie meets beachside party girl energy into a swimwear collection, Kika Swim.

“I would never design or produce anything that I wouldn’t legitimately wear - everything in our line is everything my friends and I would actually wear out,” Hady tells #CairoScene. “We just preach designs that look unusual but make you feel very sexy. We want to take swimwear in a totally different direction that women can take a look at and imagine themselves in, embracing their sexiness.”