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Sun, Sea & Sustainability With Homegrown Swimwear Brand NINA

NINA is entirely locally crafted in Cairo, using ethically sourced material and a waste-free production process.

Ethical local brands are making a wave in the Egyptian fashion scene and swimwear brand NINA is riding it like Kelly Slater with their ethically sourced material and waste-free production process. Even their packaging is sustainable, from the recycled paper cards to the reusable cute pouch.  And through their partnership with VeryNile, a local Nile cleaning initiative, they were able to provide any waste materials to be upcycled into VeryNile Shop products made by the women of Qursaya island.

Instead of opting for a comfortable covered up swimsuit or a pinterest-y one where you can’t actually move because one wave would ensue chaos, NINA gave us the padded swimsuits we’ve been waiting for, tailored especially for curvy bodies. Now, you don’t have to sacrifice beach fun nor your Instagram pictures and get that mermaid aesthetic. After all, Ariel didn’t have to worry about posture!

NINA is entirely locally crafted in Cairo, and they did not stop at swimwear. NINA also has dance wear and performance wear, all inspired by the brand’s love for nature, movement and the sea. For a quick browse, visit