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Saudi Label R by Reema Hits the Shelves of Sahel’s Comme il Faut

Saudi Arabia’s R by Reema has just arrived in new concept space Comme il Faut.

r by reema

Make way for R by Reema, the Saudi Arabian label that has just graced the shelves of Sahel boutique Comme il Faut, their second retail location in the Middle East. What was once a thobe label founded back in 2014 has slowly transformed to become the minimal, earthy brand it is today. 

“Our vision for the upcoming period is to enter the brand to more markets in the Middle East starting from Egypt, and here came the decision to collaborate with Comme il Faut, it was a matter of choosing the right place to represent us,” managing director Noura Alimam told CairoScene. Perfectly compatible with the brand, Comme il Faut is a newly-opened creatively driven concept space in Mazeej Hotel that gathers designers from all over the Middle East.

The collection featured at the boutique will be their ‘Mediterranean’ collection, which is R by Reema’s very first stab at menswear and a collaboration with stylist and influencer Faisal Al Ghazzawi. “As it was our first menswear line, we thought it had to be released differently. Faisal Al Ghazzawi is one of the leading fashion stylists in the region, his image and reputation are well established in this industry,” Alimam added. The collection is a fresh take on summer items, replacing bright prints and florals instead with toned-down neutrals and airy fabrics perfectly suited to daily life in the North Coast.

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