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Put Some Egyptian Heritage Art on Your Back with Gharbo’s Denim Jackets

The Cairo-based denim wear brand takes medieval-era Egyptian art and smacks them on achingly cool urban fashion.


Riding the wave of aching cool urban streetwear with age-old Egyptian fine art as their foundation is the local denim wear brand Gharbo. Creating a powerful, but effortless contrast between two worlds and time periods is something that's not so uncommon in the fashion industry. But usually when designers make something old new again, they tend to look as far back as the 1970s for their vintage bell bottoms; Gharbo reaches centuries back to medieval Egypt.

The Cairo-based brand currently only sells denim jackets, which plaster their uber editorial Instagram with a moody, midcentury photography concept around downtown Cairo. Their pieces are one-off pieces, not sold in multiples, so when you see something you have to grab it.

Paintings of Islamic Cairo and medieval Sultans aren’t the only thing they use to jazz up their jackets. Neon bands, fringes, plastic panelling and other random tidbits are all utilized to make the final creation. It’s kind of like a crafty DIY project, but make it bucket loads more fashionable than anything we can make at home.