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Local Brand Katee Steps Up with Fiercely Feminine Heels

Katee is a local shoe brand celebrating the vibrancy of Latin American culture, all the while tapping into the power and femininity of heels.

What does it mean to be feminine? For the founder of locally-made heels brand Katee, it means being powerful, sexy and confident. Kristina Youssef launched ‘Katee’ in September with a collection of unconventional, bold and edgy heels all influenced by Youssef’s enthralment with Latin American dance, culture, vibrancy, colours and lifestyle. The brand utilizes different colours, and multiple fabrics and textures on one piece to translate that unapologetic, loud aesthetic through their first collection. Picture trails of flame following you with each step of your sensual salsa - tap, tap, tap, then sway into an exhilarating guitar solo.

“I’m passionate about Latin American Culture including salsa dancing, and so I even incorporated elements of glitter, shimmer and silk in my collection to really translate that,” Kristina Youssef tells #CairoScene. “Our shoes don’t just complement an outfit, they make it.”

That isn't to say that your feet need to feel like they're on fire when you've got heels on, forcing you to toss them into your wardrobe until a special occasion arises. The brand makes it a point to make their heels as comfortable as possible, even so far as providing customers with a 'comfort' rating based on stability, flexibility, balance and grip. Which means they can actually - *gasp* - be worn all day.

“I think people genuinely are afraid of wearing heels because of literally painful experiences in the past. Many heels simply aren’t comfortable,” Youssef says. “With Katee, we’re trying to show that you can still maintain comfort all the while embracing the femininity,  sexiness and confidence that come along with heels, and really hone their elegant and fuelled power.”