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Local Brand Bazic & Influencer Noha El Sherbiny Launch 'Satisfashion'

Fashion influencer Noha El Sherbiny has collaborated with local brand Bazic to introduce some colour and glam into their collection of basics.

As you may have guessed from its name, local brand Bazic was always popular for their basics. Their tried and true collections have consisted of essentials like neutral sweat sets and cotton dresses. Now the label is taking an altogether quirkier turn, with neons, sequins, mini skirts and bralettes.

What’s the reason behind this daring deviation? A collaboration with none other than Egyptian Instagram star and fashion influencer Noha El Sherbiny, who is introducing her bold and unconventional style choices to Bazic, playing on colour and texture while remaining digestible to those not accustomed to the world of camp.

Other notable mentions in the new collection include a teal feathered crop top, a red-blue-and green plaid 70s suit with bell bottom pants, and the ‘Blends’ dress, a high-neck, high-slit number that melts several hues together like something of a watercolour artwork.

Most striking of all is a racing green vinyl coat that features a lime fur neckline. If the Grinch went to Milan, it would look something like that.

The collection dropped a few days ago, and has already sold out several items. To shop the pieces, visit