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Kojak Studio Launches Comprehensive Online Fashion Course

Learn from one of Egypt’s brightest homegrown success stories in fashion.

kojak studio egypt

Cairo’s beloved avant-garde brand Kojak Studio is launching an online course starting May 20th to prepare anyone who has a passion for fashion to catwalk into the industry with confidence.

The course is segmented into three parts: Creative Thinking, which includes everything from the evolution of fashion to product development; Fashion Illustration, where you learn about moodboarding to experimenting with fabric and form; finally, Branding, where you’ll learn about creating and marketing your products' visual identity. Classes will take place via Zoom, and students can participate in either one segment or the full course. Participants who complete two or more segments will get a one-on-one consultation with the maestro Kojak himself.

“The idea of the course was brought up when COVID-19 started to affect our lives, and since people were forced to stay home we started thinking of how we can help and make staying home beneficial,” said Kojak Studio GM Mohamed Aaglan. “Many people always ask about how they can start their fashion career, how they could develop their brands, and so much more. So we decided to take the advantage out of the COVID-19 situation and start launching the course.”

Full Course sessions start May 22nd and end on June 21st. To book your spot send an e-mail to


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