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Egyptian Athleisure Brand Ohanna Looks to the Majesty of the Mediterranean for New SS19 Collection

'The Great Green' stays true to the Alexandrian brand's celebration of Ancient Egypt.

OHANNA releases SS19 collection

Having launched in January 2019 as a self-proclaimed 'athleisure' fashion label, Alexandria-based brand, Ohanna, quickly gained a following for its unique - and quite avant garde - use of Ancient Egyptian inspiration, which is it has looked to once more for its Spring-Summer 19 collection, The Great Green.

Inspired by the name for the Mediterranean Sea in Ancient Egypt, the collection’s bright and bold palette (white, green, blue and black) is reminiscent of a mirage of the Mediterranean’s shimmering hues. Embodying the dynamic and persistent motion of the sea, the collection celebrates nature and history, through versatile and adaptive pieces fit for the season.

The Great Green’s fabrics are made out of sheer and space fabrics, in an ode to the translucency and lucidity of the Mediterranean. Lined with aesthetics of ancient Egyptian queens’ embroidery and symbols, such as the Wings of Isis and the Eye of Horus. Through a contemporary adaptation, Ohanna channels that very particular image of power and strength.

You can follow OHANNA on Instagram.