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Daima Makes Stunning, One-of-a-Kind Jackets Using Using Upcycled Materials

This eco-friendly brand empowers women by providing them with job opportunities, all while expressing kindness to the environment.

With empowerment and eco-friendliness at core values, Daima is not your average fashion brand. The social enterprise is amping up Cairo’s sustainable fashion scene with gorgeous, individual jackets made by women employed by NGOs, while exclusively using upcycled fabric scraps from clothing factories. And with the release of their first collection wrapping up, they've already changed lives for the better.

Having launched in March 2020, the brand was originally a graduation project by Daima founder and designer Hana Zaher. As part of Daima’s attention to the humanity behind their clothes, each of the brand’s cool, retro-inspired pieces have the name of the craftswoman who produced it embroidered into the jacket.

“I name the jackets after their producers, because I want the women who make them to have a sense of shared ownership of the brand,” Zaher told #CairoScene. “I think that every brand has a responsibility to try to improve something in society – whether by helping the environment or helping a cause.”

With Daima, Zaher is aiming to do both. Each craftswoman receives a percentage of the profits from her jacket, with another percentage going to a charitable organisation or cause. Using the profits from the brand’s first collection, they were able to pay off the debt of a female debtor, allowing her to finally return to her family. And they're not done bringing some good into the world - they are soon to announce their second collection, and while we don't yet know what cause it'll focus on, we're sure to keep our eyes on them.

To keep up with their charitable contributions, head over to Daima’s Instagram page.