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Ask a Stylist and Fustany’s Latest Online Course Teaches You The A-Z of Styling

This course from Fustany provides you with the basic foundations needed for styling yourself or launching a full-fledged career in styling.

fustany ask a stylist egypt

Whether you’re looking to amp up your style, or finally accomplish your longtime dream of becoming the ultimate fashion stylist, Egyptian fashion website and its styling consultation service ‘Ask a Stylist’ are bringing you a fully-fledged styling course at home. They’ll be teaching you the basics of styling your own self as well as providing tips and tricks on how to launch your very own styling career. 

The course is made up of 11 different modules covering a whole range of topics including the importance of style, trend-spotting, the best outfits to complement different body shapes, as well as tips on accessories and hairstyles. There’s even a whole segment on how to deal with potential clients.

“Many people believe that styling is something superficial,” Amira Azzouz, Founder of and Ask a Stylist told #CairoScene. “But I believe that when you wear something that represents your personality, style, who you are and how you want the world to perceive you, it makes a huge difference to your wellbeing and self-confidence. This is the time to invest in yourself.” 

The course is jam-packed with videos, visual aids and quizzes to keep you on your toes, and you receive a certificate once you’re done. To find out more and register now, click here.


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