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8 Homegrown Sunglasses Brands to Kick Off Your Summer

Whether you’re looking for an affordable trend item, or a luxury investment, this list has something for you.

cairoscene local sunglasses brands

A wise man once said, "The future is so bright, I've got to wear shades." Well, we could really use some of that optimism these days, and what better way to exemplify that than by looking sick as all heck? Elevate your look while protecting your peepers from the harsh UV rays with our conclusive list of local brands.



Our local luxury label of choice is due to release their eyewear collection any day now, after having recently dropped the design for the Palmette Heat shades. Sign up on their website to be notified as soon as it's available.


Available at Baraka, C&CO and through, this local brand has everything from sleek and crisp shades to colourful, beach-ready sunglasses that are perfectly catered to the summer.

Amr Saad

Crafting unisex glasses entirely by hand, this local artisanal brand is a punk rock favourite among the rich and famous. If you’re daring enough to style these statement shades, head to

Nile Eyewear

Self-dubbed as Egypt’s first eyewear brand, the 2014 brand has since expanded into Dubai and Bali, and has been donned by a star-studded list of celebrities. Shop through their collection at

J.oo Shades

With locations all over Cairo, J.oo has no shortage of fun, quirky designs that will add flair to any outfit. Whether you go for the round spectacle or the oversized, neon route, you’ll surely find what you’re looking for. Check their bio for their retail locations.


With a collection of shades for men and women, you can order through their IG page for a selection of their most in-demand eyewear.

Leven Shades

Offering a variety of the quirkiest shades in town, Leven is no stranger to trend pieces that will have you rocking the latest look. Shop through their IG page.


Now stationed at Mall of Egypt and City Stars, JooJ is the homegrown brand that marries luxury and affordability with designs for both men and women.







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