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10 Brilliant Beauty Salons Around Cairo

To all you glamorous girls out there, your prayers have been answered and what we have here is pure gold: a list of the best beauty salons in Cairo. Whether you're looking for a flawless blow dry or a perfect manicure, we've got you covered.

beauty salons in Cairo

We know what it's like to suddenly decide you want to do something crazy with your hair - a cut, maybe add some colour? To our misfortune, we know what it's like to want to dye our hair a beautiful plum colour but somehow end up looking like a bizarre pink parrot. Frenchie from Grease, anyone? Even though hairdressers are all over Cairo, most women tend to limit themselves to the bigger, more recognised names - just to be safe. You know what, though? Some of the best, most-qualified hairdressers are hidden somewhere in the unknown streets of Cairo. Swearing off the parrot pink look, we've done our research and, for all you beauty queens, we've listed the best hair salons that Elle Woods would approve of; otherwise, you can’t sit with us!

Toi Beauty Salon

Owned by the eminent Rebei and Kimi, Toi is reputed to deliver nothing less than perfection. When straightening or curling hair, they will not give you a wet-dog-with-lanky-hair kind of look; it’ll actually stay in place. Plus, if you want something fancy-shmancy for your wedding or an event, they won’t disappoint - work that updo! Now, to pamper those tips, you'll love the cosy mani-pedi room and their quick and thorough work. 

Cleoz Spa

With an atmosphere so enticing and relaxed, pampering has never looked so sweet. You can't get your hair done but you can get into zen mode another way - aside from the typical pedicures and manicures, they have several body treatments - including a Thai massage that will leave you mellow and de-stressed. 

Sherif Adnan

Although this salon is not as popular as other places, they know beauty - their atmosphere and overall outcome is somewhat akin to Al Sagheer salons. Also, the owner is always present, which makes it more personal while maintaining a high standard of professionalism. Their prices are quite fair in comparison to other hairdressers, too. 

Bliss Beauty Salon

Bliss is commonly known for their beautifully-crafted hairstyles; the pictures say it all. Every girl knows that getting manicures and pedicures is one of the few luxuries that we can enjoy; Bliss knows this too, which is why they have a full-on nail spa where your tips can get top-notch treatment.

Khaled El Sagheer

You won't believe what we stumbled upon while we were at the Gezira Sporting Club; the most inexpensive hairdresser there is! For 30 LE, you can wash and straighten your hair! In addition, 7alawa (sugaring) ranges from 25 LE - 50 LE, and the 7alawa woman always has fascinating stories about her family that’ll keep you entertained in the process.

The Nail and Body Studio by Medifine

Offering indulging services from manicures and pedicures to facials and body treatment, most of the products this studio uses are based in all-naturals provided by one of the finest French spas. Their services include artificial nail systems - such as Shellac gel polish and Acrylic (which is hard to find) - waxing, threading, and even makeup.

Pace e Luce

Located in Maadi, this relaxing place will fulfill all your pampering needs. We love their proficient manicures and pedicures; bubbly foot basins, fresh scrubs, and a foot massage are all we ask for, and that’s what we got. After getting your mani-pedi, you can sit back and relax while the hairdresser washes, dyes, and blow dries your hair oh-so-luxuriously! Pro tip: if you're going specifically for colouring or toning, be sure to ask for Toni.

Kriss Beauty Salon

Kriss can transform your average everyday look into a chic and effortless one. With a wide range of beauty services, they can cut, colour, and style your hair while giving a manicure. They'll basically treat you like you’re a queen. We can't deny that, when it comes to beauty, the Lebanese know what they’re doing.

La Coupe

If you want to feel all dolled up, then check out La Coupe; you’ll leave with a fresh, smooth body - girls, you know what we’re talking about. In addition, they create gorgeous hairstyles and updos that will make you feel like a princess. Pro tip: ask for Johnny if you want a fancy hairstyle!

Chez Richard
Brides to be this is the place to be! Everyone know's that the best hairstylist for a perfect wedding look is Richard. Don't waste your time overthinking what you want; he'll tell you how to style it and you'll love it!

*All images taken from each salon's official website, Facebook, or Instagram pages. 

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