Sunday May 26th, 2024
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We Might’ve Just Found the Best Breakfast Spot in Cairo

Moment of silence for all the Friday family breakfasts compromised in the making of this article.

Layla Raik

We Might’ve Just Found the Best Breakfast Spot in Cairo

Irrespective of how many times you try to relocate Friday family breakfasts to your balcony, a nightgown and boxers of sorts will always somehow trickle their way into your peripheral vision, making the omelettes at hand all the more difficult to digest. Yes, there’s the mutual understanding that part of the ‘ambiance’ is your neighbour’s comprehensive selection of printed t-shirts, but there are only so many ‘Avoc-adorable’ short-sleeve puns a person can endure before throwing in the napkin.

Enter Downtown Cairo’s Klakit Art Space: a retro-style cafe serving breakfast, tea and Turkish coffee with a side of indelible views of Cairo. Think mornings spent grazing on platefuls of foul Iskandarany, fresh falafel and sipping on pots of mint tea while a historic cityscape of the country’s oldest buildings simmers down all around you. As you swing their penthouse balcony open, let the makeshift familial renditions flutter away into the distance.