Sunday May 26th, 2024
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Town Kitchen: Egypt's Newest Virtual Food Court

This new virtual food court is the perfect spot to confront your 5th-grade crush and get amazing hot dogs at the same time.

Layla Raik

Town Kitchen: Egypt's Newest Virtual Food Court

In modern society, a food court has grown to mean many, many things beyond its original purpose. To some of us, it represents the distinctly-smelling overcrowded area we avoid in malls; to others, it’s an eating and courting arena; and to those of us dedicated to a journey of tastes, it’s the holy meeting point of cuisines and restaurants we haul our assignment-mourning sweatpants-clad selves to in times of distress.

As the world takes on more and more of a virtual standing, it’s no surprise that the well-trodden food court would forge its place in the multiverse. On the digital map, Town Kitchen is pioneering the cloud kitchen scene in Egypt, giving you access to a virtual food court from the comfort of your home and/or office.

As opposed to regular delivery-offering services, Town Kitchen allows you to take a stroll through its virtual food court, approximated to a delivery-based price point. In other words, instead of paying for the full restaurant experience plate, plus an added delivery fee, Town Kitchen’s prices are originally adjusted to a delivery-based system that is significantly lighter on your ordering-food-at-work-everyday budgeting plan.

The food court is populated with seven specialised restaurants that are all run by Town Kitchen, in order to maintain quality across the board, including Homeys’ shareable home-cooked meals to Grumpy Hotdogs to Co Desserts’ coffee and baked goods. Town Kitchen has plans to expand to 20 restaurants by January 2023.

Besides coming up with brand concepts of their own, based on years of experience in the food industry, the large-scale service will soon be reaching out to independent culinary talents willing to expand their talents into a systemised virtual kitchen, meaning that the online cooking class you took over the summer break might actually be going somewhere.

Currently spanning Nasr City and Masr El Gedida, Town Kitchen is planning to expand all over town, starting with New Cairo, Rehab, Madinaty and Shorouk before moving on to invade the rest of the country.