Monday May 29th, 2023
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The Fried Chicken Revolution Begins in Obour City with Tiko’s

Another day, another fried chicken spot opens up -- only this time it's in the far away land of Obour.

Scene Eats

It seems like fried chicken places are popping up all around Egypt every day, and although it will remain popular forever, it’s not that easy to get the perfect combination of a crispy outside and succulent meat. But promising to do all the above is a new Obour spot called Tiko’s, which, besides fried chicken (in case you’re not a fan of fried chicken which we don’t understand but we also don’t judge), specialises in sandwiches, rizo and cheese fountains. 

If you’re a boneless fried chicken stan, you can opt for the strips meal (three pieces of chicken) or a chicken wrap, featuring lettuce, tomatoes and cheddar cheese sauce. If you want to share a box with your family or friends (or you’re just feeling really hungry), you could honestly just pick anything else on the menu because this spot is built for eating with your posse. From their Big Boss sandwich (turkey and fried chicken drowning in cheese) to their cheese fountains (where you can also drown you chicken and sandwiches in), tings are bound to go cray cray. Sweet tooths can enjoy a banana bread, chocolate or vanilla with chocolate chips muffin.

To place your order, call +2 0122 054 2222.