Friday June 14th, 2024
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The Best Feseekh & Renga in Egypt - A SceneEats Guide

Finally a meal saltier than us.

Layla Raik

The Best Feseekh & Renga in Egypt - A SceneEats Guide

With Easter and Eid Al-Fitr taking over the next 2 consecutive weeks, the Egyptian population collectively begins to prepare for what is simultaneously their favourite and most feared time of the year - Feseekh season. Whilst available all year round for Feseekh hobbyists, now is the time to find unity, patriotism and breakfast table fights instigated by the salty dish’s own hands.

As we make the transition into adulthood, however, we’ve come to the shocking realisation that feseekh does not in fact magically synthesise onto our dining table. Because we were as lost as you are, here are 13 spots to get your feseekh and renga in Cairo and Alexandria. 


Muharram Beik, Alexandria

Specialising in all types of seafood, Zoreik’s feseekh menu is one you can depend on.

Abu Tahoun

Branches all over Cairo

Taking over both the Nasr City and Dokki turfs of C-town, Abu Tahoun makes outing-suitable feseekh in sandwich form - minus all the mess.


Ain Shams, Cairo

Known for its impeccable quality and hygiene, Ain Shams’ El-Salam is a nationally renowned feseekh hub.


Branches all over Egypt

Revamping the traditional dish to fit into the Thursday outing model of dining, Faskhansta merges a modern dining environment with, of course, feseekh and renga.


Bab El-Louk, Cairo

As dependable as a feseekh shop can get, Shaheen is the go-to feseekh monger at every family gathering.


Nasr City, Cairo

Fostering an environment of premium quality and premium quality only, El-Hamady makes perfectly buttered feseekh capable of starting culinary family feuds.


Branches all over Cairo

Let’s face it, the New Cairo material gworl inside us will not always be ready to travel across town in search for Feseekh. During these dire times, a quick run to your trusty neighbourhood Seoudi can find you supplied with fresh feseekh in no time (all whilst never leaving the comfort of your locally-made hoodie).


Branches all over Egypt

Absolving you of the responsibility of smoking, skinning and serving, Gourmet makes marinated feseekh in jar form, only missing a hefty baladi bread ‘wedn otta’ to dip in.

Sultan Al-Feseekh

Al Attarin, Alexandria

Sultan Al-Feseekh is, true to its namesake, a seafood spot for royals open for both dine-in outings and rushed pre-gathering pick-ups.

Fasakhany El Hag Mahmoud

Nozha, Cairo

A national star, El Hag Mahmoud’s fishies have been featured on national television. They’re that good.

El ِA’elat

Nasr City, Cairo

Looking for some family-friendly fish fun? El A’elat does just that in the heart of Nasr City, for the park-themed enjoyment of feseekh-loving Cairene families.

Fasakhany Port Said

Shubra, Cairo

Boasting years of experience, Fasakhany Port Said crafts perfectly salted, meticulously marinated feseekh worth the drive to Shubra.