Saturday July 13th, 2024
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Nino's Tree Serves Coffee Topped With Verdant Views in Maadi

Coffee beans and picturesque scenes, this Street 9 gem is a lush haven.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Nino's Tree Serves Coffee Topped With Verdant Views in Maadi

In the centre of Cairo’s busy streets lies a little, quiet spot away from the incessant car honks and unyielding protests of street dogs. Charming garden chairs, subtle fairy lights, and serene green views come complete with the comforting sound of gravel beneath your feet that’ll take you right back to those Ain Sokhna days; a place where comfort meets coffee.

Making coffee for the city that loves to drink it, Nino’s Tree is a quaint specialty coffee bar and bakery in the middle of Maadi’s Street 9, offering a serene experience for anyone aching for an escape from the fast-paced city life. With carefully curated coffee creations to put some energy (and joy) into your soul, Nino’s Tree makes it clear that every cup is made with love and care for all the caffeine-loving cairenes.

And if iced biscoff lattes, lotus espressos, and marshmallow-topped cappuccinos (uhm, anyone else thirsty?) aren’t your thing, Nino’s Tree’s menu is brimming with a vast array of sweet and savoury drinks and treats. From healthy salads to (not so healthy but honestly who’s counting calories?) molten cakes, there’s something for everyone to spill the tea (or coffee) with, and surrender to the serenity of Maadi’s verdant hideaway.