Monday July 15th, 2024
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Lemonana is a Grown Up Lemonade Stand on the North Coast’s Shores

And we thought lemonade would get boring.

Layla Raik

Lemonana is a Grown Up Lemonade Stand on the North Coast’s Shores

In this scorching heat, it’s only natural that we migrate north to Sahel every chance we get—every long weekend, to be exact. But even there, the heat can be unbearable. At times like that, the only real solution is to indulge in the ultimate refresher: lemonade.

Somehow, amid the craze over iced coffee and matcha concoctions, we forgot about the historically effective cold drink of the season—one that perfectly balances zesty and sweet. Every other beach kiosk is an expert at iced lattes, but where has the lemonade gone?

Enter Lemonana, a new beachside lemonade stand that's lightyears ahead of the DIY stands we cobbled together in our childhoods. Dedicated exclusively to this revitalising drink, Lemonana's mission is clear from its lemon-covered exterior. The stand introduces a variety of types and flavours of lemonade to our beachside days.

Lemonana offers the classics: plain lemonade, mint, and pink. But why stop at strawberries? They infuse an array of fruits into their lemonade, like kiwi, raspberry, pineapple, and passion fruit. Once you’ve exhausted the fruit options, there are fun concoctions like the Moji-nana, which adds soda for an extra fizz, Brazilian Lemonana with the sweet and slightly odd addition of condensed milk, and the Bull-nana, featuring the extra kick of Red Bull paired with mint and passion fruit.