Friday June 14th, 2024
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Lado's Pizza: A Slice of Napoli in Sheikh Zayed

This Zayed oven-baked nook is the Italian eatery every art geek needs to experience.

Layla Raik

Lado's Pizza: A Slice of Napoli in Sheikh Zayed

In light of recent soup-throwing events, we’ve started questioning the integrity of the art pieces we consider so integral to our understanding of the principles of art. For example, Lado’s, one of Zayed’s more authentic pizza joints, has got us questioning if Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam contains some form of mistake - why would anyone reach out for another’s hand when they could reach for another slice of pizza?

Nestled in one of Eden Plaza’s nooks, the Napoli-inspired pizzeria makes for the perfect secluded spot to grab a bite with an old friend or get all cuddly with someone you love in premonition of the long-awaited onset of sweater weather - and what better perfectly shareable, hugs-you-from-the-inside food for two than pizza? Plus, the nook, food, and packaging are as aesthetically pleasing as your Instagram story needs could hope for.

Spinning the Italian pie in the true-to-fashion iconic tomato and mozzarella combo, Lado’s eccentric twists provide delicious bursts of flavour that keep us coming back. From the vegetarian favourite Funghi fiasco to the true-to-the-core Sundried Tomatoes (featuring Italian-dried Pomodoro), and the Moroccan-tinged Spicy Merguez - Lado’s is sure to give a brand new definition to the Italian experience. 

Taking matters to sweeter levels, Lado’s tiramisu is love in a cup, famous for keeping people coming for more. 

You can also order Lado’s Italian goodness straight to your doorstep by calling/messaging 01012627800 on WhatsApp, or visiting