Monday May 29th, 2023
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Have Breakfast for Dinner at Maadi's Molly's Bakery

Because sometimes a menu riddled with egg puns is all you need.

Layla Raik

If breakfasting were an extreme sport, we’d be the unhinged snowboarder diving headfirst into crumbly pastry avalanches at Maadi’s designated breakfast haven Molly’s.

The open-plan café serves up a delectable breakfast experience for early-rising freelancers (Molly’s opens at 7:30 AM every day - even on weekends, you fiendish workaholics), adventuring couples and frantic students saving what’s left of their day.

From their soul-fortifying sunny side-up ‘Eggspress’ to delicious vanilla frappes and every shade of pastry imaginable, Molly’s is the perfect spot for a quick bite after your Saturday morning stroll.