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Fast food can be healthy. The proof is in the pudding.

(The Chia Pudding, that is)


Who decided that fast food has to mean junk food? Why not scroll past those burger joints and noodle shakes next time you're on Otlob and try something wholesome for once? Flipping a green middle finger to culinary convention is Self Juicery, the outing that offers health-minded folk a nutritional option in Cairo. With branches in Zamalek and Maadi, and a venue that makes sure the students at the British International School Cairo are always eating well, it's clear that Self Juicery are on a mission. Their agenda is practically spelled out for you on their fresh-from-the-Earth menu. Salads, sandwiches, Greek yogurts - it's the kind of stuff that hot Europeans fuss over. And that's not a coincidence. The brainchild of a London-based nutritionist and their French-taught chef, Self Juicery aims to provide consistent, high-quality food across all their branches that doesn't need to sacrifice the nutritious to keep things delicious.

Whether you're jogging to 26th of July Street for a meal in Zamalek, sitting down for the dine-in experience at their 14 Street location in Maadi (protip: Fish for those extra likes on Instagram by snapping a selfie with their distinctive neon sign), or ordering off Otlob or Elmenus while you're surely doing crunches at home, Self Juicery strives to be the guilt-free fast food option that Cairo has - frankly - always needed.

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