Saturday July 13th, 2024
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Fall in Love this Valentine's Day Aboard The First Nile Boat

This v-day, we’re treating ourselves to a romantic dinner aboard the First Nile Boat.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Fall in Love this Valentine's Day Aboard The First Nile Boat

Yes, sure, love yourself this, be-your-own-Valentine that, we’re all for self-love down here at SceneEats, but sometimes we just want to feel loved, you know? And while we won’t call ourselves ‘high maintenance’, we would also love to remind you that being taken out on Valentine’s day is pretty much the bare minimum. But then again, do we want to settle for the bare minimum? No, and that’s exactly what the First Nile Boat is preaching this leap-year V-day.

Whether popping a certain question or simply treating your significant other to a day of unforgettable lovin’ in the hungry oven, the Four Seasons Cairo Hotel at the First Residence is taking the hassle of finding the perfect spot off the menu, and instead, spoiling us for choice for that one perfect romantic meal.

Romantic in essence, Xodó, meaning sweetheart - how fitting, eh? - is the ideal spot for a loved-up couple yearning for a Brazilian cookout. Here, the chefs will grill their hearts out with prime cuts, grilled pineapple, and appetite-tickling appetizers that you can lovingly share while gazing out onto the Nile. Craving a pan-Asian fusion of passions? Nairu will take you on a romantic trip through Asia.

Longing to relive that authentic 'Soad Hosny' era of love? Zoé is undoubtedly the perfect spot to immerse yourself in a shoreside love story with a Mediterranean-inspired dinner, whether outdoors or indoors (though we do have our preferences), all by the Nile. If you've moved past the sweet talk stage and simply want to try something new with your other half, we highly recommend the two-hour live experience at Le Petit Chef (P.S. we heard the tiny man might be cooking up something special for Valentine's, but we'll leave that for you to discover...).

To book your Valentine’s day experience aboard the First Nile Boat, Call +2 02 3567 2022 or e-mail: